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Manicouagan crater, Quebec, Canada is visible in the background. Submitted by Chuck Simmonds 32. Dworak, U., Shock metamorphism of the anorthosite from Manicouagan crater, Quebec,

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18. Manicouagan Impact Crater, Quebec, Canad
Produced by an asteriod impact some 200 million years ago, the concentric structure of the Manicouagan Crater results from the shock waves transmitted by the impact event.

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Topography of the Manicouagan Crater, Quebec
Manicouagan Crater is one of the world’s largest and oldest known impact craters and perhaps the one most readily apparent to astronauts in orbit.

CBC.CA - Seven Wonders of Canada - Your Nomi
I wish to nominate Canada`s own Manicouagan Meteorite Crater in northern Quebec. It is the largest preserved impact crater on Earth.

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A fine pattern of topographic striations trending south-southeast, most prominent within the crater itself, indicates the flow direction PIA03385: Anaglyph, Manicouagan Crater, Quebec,

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PIA03384: Stereo Pair, with Topographic Height as Color, Manicouagan Crater, Quebec, Canada

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