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Spork - The History of the Spork
A spork is a blend of a spoon and a fork also called the runcible spoon.

Diploma In Plastics From St. Clair College -
Plastics Engineering Technology includes the theory and practical applications of various aspects of plastic parts production from design through to mass production and testing.

Is it a fork, spoon or knife? No, it`s a spork, a 3-in-1 utensil that is an ideal addition to your chuckbox.

Stuck in the Shwa: Vote <b>`Hell, No!`&
Vote `Hell, No!` to the Ontario electoral reform referendum Later this year, Ontarians will vote on a proposal recommended by the Ontario Citizens` Assembly on Electoral Reform.

Stuck in the Shwa
Here is another good reason why my home and this blog will always remain spork-free. Ontario campaign roundup

Millie Niss`s Web-Works
http://arteonline.arq.br/museu/trip/niss/train.html A visual/animated train ride from Niagara Falls, New York, USA to Toronto, Ontario, Canada This one features Spork, the Schizophrenic Skua

spork :: BoardReader
spork forums Antimatter Spork wrote: You shouldn`t expect too much when you`re just starting.

Uptick May 2004
Toronto, Ontario Spasopoulos, Helen Raymond James Ltd. Toronto, Ontario Speakman, Greg RBC Capital Markets Toronto, Ontario Spork, J`aime Sprott Asset Management Inc.

The Adventures of Tom Cruise and Spork
``The Adventures of Tom Cruise and Spork`` pair America`s hunkiest star and funkiest biutensil.

Weekly Fiction From Spork
Her short story collection Nobody Has to Die for It to Tell You Something is currently a finalist for the Black Lawrence Press Ontario Prize.

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