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CHEMINFO: Isopentane
Isopentane is one of the chemical forms (isomers) of pentane (C5-H12). It has many Isopentane could likely sensitize the heart to the

4521e Appendix Air Quality in Ontario 2001 Ap
Isopentane Isoprene n-Propylbenzene Chloroform Isopentane 86 0.047 0.128 0.302 0.673 1.072 3.835 0.032 0.522 0.661

Morphine and Pain-Related Stimuli Enhance Cel
Sections were visualized using a Zeiss (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) Lumbar DRGs (L4L5) were snap frozen in isopentane at 45C and stored Ontario, Canada), and minced into fine pieces.

3909e A concise report on the state of air qu
1.3 Ontario sulphur dioxide emissions by sectors 1.4 Ontario nitrogen oxides emissions by sectors

Matching of Calcineurin Activity to Upstream
Road, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, P3E 2C6. Tel:(705) 675-1151 (ext muscles were removed and quick frozen in melting isopentane. All University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario.

Increased postischemic brain injury in mice d
J. Clin. Invest. 113:1711-1721 (2004). doi:10.1172/JCI200420926. Copyright 2004 by the American Society for Clinical Investigation

INABIS `98 - Network Operations Revealed by B
removed and frozen in cold isopentane and stored at -80 C. The brains were air-freight

INABIS `98 - Segmental Defect in the Anterior
for cryoprotection, frozen in isopentane on dry ice and stored at 80 C.

Facility Name: Commodore Machine Company Bloo
a 25-acre site in Ontario County shown in Figure 1. The Plant address is 26

Synergistic Effects of Interleukin-1, Interle
Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 2School of Psychology and Department of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Correspondence:

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