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Kimberley City Company Listing (British Columbia)

Halls Ornamental Concrete
350 Deer Park Avenue,
Kimberley, BC
V1A 2J6
(250) 427-5243
Listed in: Industrial > Concrete Products directory

Happy Hans Riverside Rv Resort
Kimberley, BC
V1A 1A1
(250) 427-2917
Listed in: Recreation > Campgrounds directory

Happy Wandering Tours and Charters
Kimberley, BC
V1A 1A1
(250) 427-7005
Listed in: Travel > Bus Lines directory

Healthy Horizons Natural Foods
225 Spokane Street,
Kimberley, BC
V1A 2E6
(250) 427-7838
Listed in: Medicine > Vitamins directory

Hide Out The
185 Deer Park Avenue,
Kimberley, BC
V1A 2J5
Phone: (250) 427-3211
Listed in: Beauty > Barbers directory

Holmes Fred W Limited
160 Deer Park Avenue,
Kimberley, BC
V1A 2J4
Phone: (250) 427-2201
Listed in: Business Services > Insurance Consultants directory

Homestead Developments Limited
365 Cranbrook Street,
Kimberley, BC
V1A 2P2
(250) 427-3699
Listed in: Industrial > Siding Materials directory

Hospital Kimberley and District
260 4th Avenue,
Kimberley, BC
V1A 2R6
(250) 427-2215
Listed in: Health > Hospitals directory

Hot Spot Tanning and Accessories
405 Wallinger Avenue,
Kimberley, BC
V1A 1Z6
(250) 427-4464
Listed in: Fashion > Swimwear And Accessories Retail directory

House Alpenglow
3 Alpenglow Court,
Kimberley, BC
V1A 3E3
(250) 427-0273
Listed in: Travel > Bed And Breakfast Accommodation directory

Hyde A Way Kennels
2365 Thomason Road,
Kimberley, BC
V1A 3L5
(250) 427-7090
Listed in: Animals > Kennels directory

Ice Cream and Yogurt Hut
285 Wallinger Avenue,
Kimberley, BC
V1A 1Z2
(250) 427-2644
Listed in: Food and Beverage > Ice Cream Cones directory

Inn West Condominiums
840 North Star Drive,
Kimberley, BC
V1A 3C7
British Columbia
Phone: (250) 427-7616
Listed in: Real Estate > Condominiums directory

Jim Bobs Mini-Mart
2685 Warren Avenue,
Kimberley, BC
V1A 1T6
British Columbia
Phone: (250) 427-7717
Listed in: Entertainment > Lottery Tickets directory

Joseph Alphonse Hypnthrpst
1725 Warren Avenue,
Kimberley, BC
V1A 1R7
(250) 427-2003
Listed in: Health > Hypnotherapy And Hypnosis directory

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List of companies / organizations on this page: Halls Ornamental Concrete, Happy Hans Riverside Rv Resort, Happy Wandering Tours and Charters, Healthy Horizons Natural Foods, Hide Out The, Holmes Fred W Limited, Homestead Developments Limited, Hospital Kimberley and District, Hot Spot Tanning and Accessories, House Alpenglow, Hyde A Way Kennels, Ice Cream and Yogurt Hut, Inn West Condominiums, Jim Bobs Mini-Mart, Joseph Alphonse Hypnthrpst,

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