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Kimberley City Company Listing (British Columbia)

Black Kettle Roofing Limited
Kimberley, BC
V1A 1A1
(250) 427-2540
Listed in: Construction > Roofing Contractors directory

Blanes Siding
617B 304th Street,
Kimberley, BC
V1A 3H5
British Columbia
(250) 427-3923
Listed in: Housing > Windows Metal directory

Blue Bubble Laundry
220 Spokane Street,
Kimberley, BC
V1A 2E4
(250) 427-2809
Listed in: Society > Laundries Self Service directory

Bootleg Mountain Trading Co
360 Wallinger Avenue,
Kimberley, BC
V1A 1Z4
Phone: (250) 427-2112
Listed in: Sports > Sporting Goods Retail directory

Bootleg Mountain Video
304-412 304th Street,
Kimberley, BC
V1A 3H4
British Columbia
Phone: (250) 427-7836
Listed in: Entertainment > Video Discs And Tapes Rentals And Sales directory

Boreas Backcountry Adventures Limited
520 Halpin Street,
Kimberley, BC
V1A 2H2
(250) 427-7200
Listed in: Recreation > Recreation Centres directory

Boundary Street House
89 Boundary Street,
Kimberley, BC
V1A 2H4
(250) 427-3510
Listed in: Travel > Bed And Breakfast Accommodation directory

Bova Bros Logging Limited
105 311th Avenue,
Kimberley, BC
V1A 3J6
Phone: (250) 427-3850
Listed in: Construction > Logging Companies directory

Brunner Judy Acct
165 Wallinger Avenue,
Kimberley, BC
V1A 1Y7
British Columbia
Phone: (250) 427-2822
Listed in: Finance > Accountants directory

Bryans Janice Registered Massage Therapist
266 Higgins Street,
Kimberley, BC
V1A 1K8
British Columbia
Phone: (250) 427-2300
Listed in: Health > Massage Therapists RegD directory

C/J Finishes Limited
312 304th Street,
Kimberley, BC
V1A 3H3
British Columbia
Phone: (250) 427-3521
Listed in: Art > Artists And Materials And Supplies directory

Caldwell Agencies Limited
290 Wallinger Avenue,
Kimberley, BC
V1A 1Z1
Phone: (250) 427-2221
Listed in: Real Estate > Real Estate General directory

Caldwell Lauriss K Notry Publc
Kimberley, BC
V1A 1A1
Phone: (250) 427-2170
Listed in: Law > Notaries Public directory

Campen Construction and Roofing Systems
250 Crerar Street,
Kimberley, BC
V1A 1K1
(250) 427-4301
Listed in: Industrial > Building Repairs And Restoration directory

Canadian Assn For Disabled Skiing
2860 Rotary Drive,
Kimberley, BC
V1A 1E9
(250) 427-7712
Listed in: Society > Disabled Services directory

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List of companies / organizations on this page: Black Kettle Roofing Limited, Blanes Siding, Blue Bubble Laundry, Bootleg Mountain Trading Co, Bootleg Mountain Video, Boreas Backcountry Adventures Limited, Boundary Street House, Bova Bros Logging Limited, Brunner Judy Acct, Bryans Janice Registered Massage Therapist, C/J Finishes Limited, Caldwell Agencies Limited, Caldwell Lauriss K Notry Publc, Campen Construction and Roofing Systems, Canadian Assn For Disabled Skiing,

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