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Alumni: 1970 - 1979 - Department of Geoscienc
Interrelationships Among Chemical and Petrographic Variables of United States Coals A Petrographic Classification of Solid Residues for

A petrographic and chemical comparison of tit
TITLE: A petrographic and chemical comparison of titanium ores associated with several anorthosite massifs, Province of Quebec

PhD theses
Block, F. 1972. A multivariate chemical classification of rocks from the Monteregian Petrographic Province Quebec, Canada. Ph.D. thesis.

Monteregian Hills
and Trace Element Partitioning Between Immiscible Ocelli-Matrix Pairs from Lamprophyre Dikes and Sills, Monteregian Hills Petrographic

C:LETTERSPROFNelson Eby Resume.wpd
Measurements 17, p. 411. Eby, G. N. (1988) Petrology, geochemistry and isotope geology of Mount Yamaska, Monteregian Hills petrographic

Conference Program
Page 1 Conference Page 2 Conference Invited Talks and Oral Monday Oct. 13, [Grand Ballroom] 08:30 - 09:00 Opening and

_z0301ae 549..552
Complex, White Mountain Petrographic Province - Robert Peterson (1981) Geochemistry of complex, White Mountain Petrographic Province -

near St. Jovite and Lac des Iles, Quebec. Petrographic and electron microprobe analysis demonstrate that the “canals” are

525 The Canadian Mineralogist Vol.
Otter, Province du Grenville, Quebec. to construct equations for the entire hornblende + K the Otter Lake area, Quebec, in the southern

Papers Submitted to Refereed Journals OO Sherlock, R.L. and Barrett, T.J. Geology and volcanic stratigraphy of the Canatuan and Malusok volcanogenic

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