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flashquake - Fall, 2002 - Contributors
Judd Hampton lives in northern Alberta, Canada, with his wife and two children.

Albert Einstein on Science, God, and Religion
What did Albert Einstein think about God, Religion, Faith, and Science? Given his stature in the field of science, it`s hardly surprising that everyone might want to claim him for their own

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Albert Einstein Quotes on a Personal God: Ein
Did Albert Einstein believe in God? Many religious theists cite Einstein as an example of a smart scientist who was also a religious theist like them. This supposedly rebuts the idea that

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Alberta Genealogy and Family History - Tracin
Search for your Alberta ancestors in these genealogy and family history records and resources focused on Alberta genealogy. Includes Alberta archives, online records and databases, research

Mad Hatters` Review - Issue 4 Contributors -
My poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in Offerings, Freefall, The Mid-America Poetry Review, The Neovictorian/Cochlea, Poetry Motel, 3 cup morning, Wicked Alice, Telicom, Chantarelle`s

Alberta Genealogy - Free Online Records and D
Search for your Alberta ancestors in these free online Alberta genealogy records, indexes, cemetery transcriptions, and other online genealogy databases with family history information

Alberta Canada - Government Maps and Parks in
Find basic facts on the province of Alberta, Canada, including government, parks, maps, and information for visitors to this western Canadian province.

Tom Hayden: Secret US-Iraq "Status of Fo
Can we have a nation wide moritorium, the day spawn o` Bush signs telicom imunity into unconstitutional law? EDMONTON, Alberta A chunk of ice spreading across seven square miles has

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