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Alberta Universal Newborn Hearing Screening P
The Alberta Universal Newborn Hearing Screening (UNHS) Project is an effort based on the detection of potential hearing impairments in newborn

Alberta Deaf Sports Association
Provincial activities, event calendar, youth camps, programs, and administration information for this organization that oversees hearing-impaired sports in Alberta, Canada.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services (DHHS)
Offers a variety of services and information resources for persons with a hearing disability in Calgary, Alberta. Online store for purchasing hearing devices, listening aids, and warning

Lubicon Archive
Scroll through the chronology ranging back to 1983 to find letters, essays, articles, and documents pertaining to the Lubicon Nation.

College of Hearing Aid Practitioners of Alber
The Goal of the College of Hearing Practitioners of Alberta is to help those with hearing difficulties enjoy better hearing. For Individual Practices Click Here Call Toll Free:

Media Release: Cheviot developers ask for del
and Fording Canadian Coal Trust have formally asked for a `stay` to delay the Alberta Environmental Appeals Board hearing of Ben Gadd`s appeal of the haulroad portion of the Cheviot

Hearing Impairment Sources Found on Worldhear
held hearing aids, hearing aid repairs in alberta, hearing impaired webquests, hearing impaired children new york city, and sensory hearing

Hearing Aids in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canad
We provide excellent service and top hearing aid products to the hard of hearing community.

Alberta Imperial Oil Limited Class Action - N
Supreme Court of Canada Dismisses Imperial Oil Limited Application to Appeal Alberta Court..Press Conference Announced Court Ruling Allows Alberta Pension Lawsuit to Proceed

Hard of Hearing Radio
Weekly program with music suitable for those with mild hearing loss, and information for the general public about dealing with this disability. Streaming audio and broadcast in Edmonton,

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