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As I am located in Alberta, Canada I can only comment on what is possible outside Animal - Brine shrimp eggs (Artemia salina), Flour

Foods, Feeding & Nutritional Issues of Saltwa
Do you know what feeding categories your fishes and invertebrates fall into, or what their primary food preferences are? Here you can learn about these things and other issues related to

Proctor Laboratory - Studies in Life Sciences
LIST OF FRESHWATER INVERTEBRATES FROM ALBERTA Flowchart Key to Common Aquatic Mites Found in Alberta - downloadable pdf

Bio-Ditrl, Department of Biological Sciences,
of Artemia. Artemia is called the brine shrimp because specimens can live in inland waters with high salinity.

Artemia salina (No common name)
Scientific name: Artemia salina (Linnaeus, 1758) University of Alberta: Freshwater Invertebrate Collection

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Live Foods
Information about feeding live foods such as shrimp, daphnia, flies, and worms to your fish.

Sea-Monkeys are a hybrid of Artemia salina, a species of brine shrimp. These are a type of fairy shrimp -- not true shrimp, but a branchiopod.

Albert Einstein on Science, God, and Religion
What did Albert Einstein think about God, Religion, Faith, and Science? Given his stature in the field of science, it`s hardly surprising that everyone might want to claim him for their own

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Harvest Artemia Cysts Co Ltd supply hatchery and aquarium products: Fertilize AGRODYKE is fertilizer which in form of powder having macro

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