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Trebas Institute

451 St-Jean Street,
Montreal, Qué


(514) 845-4141
Diploma programs,Sound,Live Sound,Sound Design,Music Business Administration,Film and Video Production,TV Production,Digital Post Production,Entertainment Management,Audio Engineering,Music Production
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8 Ratings / Reviews provided
money! money! money! - Comment (On: November 14, 2006)
I have attended Trebas Montreal for a semestre and I regret it. As some of the previous reviewers have mentioned it is a private vocational school and the only motivation is money. Teachers are nice but not real professionals who are succcessfully in the indsutry, except one or two maybe. It was a real frustration in the end and I faced serious poblems when I asked for a return for the advanced payments I made. I woud not suggest it to anyone.
1 Stars

Not a real school - Comment (On: August 4, 2006)
I graduated trebas 2 months ago. I attended in Toronto. During my time there I talked to many Trebas grads and teachers and no one has ever had anything good to say about this school. It is truly a sub standard program. Those five star reviews were definitely put there by the people who own Trebas. If you can go to any other school please do. This school is based around telling you what you want to hear and taking your money. Here are a few things you should keep in mind if you are going to this school. 1. They don`t event touch on surround sound 2. For the live sound course you don`t actually do live sound, you just mope around a bar and take turns hooking stuff up 3. You don`t actually get to use those cool looking studios that they have on there web-page, you just go there once a week and set up one microphone then take it down and watch 7 other people do the same thing 4. There is a picture of a library on the web page, this place does not actually exist. 5. There is no place to create music (so if you went to Trebas to record you album or make beats think again) 6. You don`t get unlimited access to the studios like they will tell you. You have very limited access to 2 poorly configured pro tools HD rooms, one with no plugins (who the hell buys an HD system and no plugins), and 2 pro tools LE (002 systems) that always crash. So there`s basically one HD system in an acoustically rotten space to mix on. Also ***you can only use these HD systems during the last three months of school*** (something they will just happen to forget to tell you) 6. In total you only get about 3 hours recording experience for the whole program. There is only one lab were you get to record, you get 6 four hour sessions, and there are anywhere from 8 to ten people in a lab. 6h x 4 classes / 8 people equals 3 hours recording experience each. 7. People in the industry know that trebas is a big joke and that will not hire you, your far better off just giving your $ 20, 000 to an engineer you respect and just study under him for 9 months. 8. Every project is a group project so you don`t get any feedback on what your doing, only on what your group is doing. 9. Because of the high turn over rate of teachers at trebas (they usually quit due to frustrations with the administration) there curriculum never gets developed. 9. Many of the teachers have never even worked in the industry, the only requirement for teaching at trebas is you must be a graduate of trebas. ................So please, if your serious about working in the audio industry consider going to any other school or studying under someone. If you want to spend a year loafing about, wasting time and getting good grades with little to no work go to trebas.
2 Stars

IT SUCKED IN 2001 - Comment (On: April 14, 2006)
sucked in 2001. ripped off. would be mad if i didnt put in 120% like the other students and didnt make any connections or anything happen for me. i mean, one avid, one mac, 4 mini-dv`s and 2 16mm cams that did not work (we had to cannabalize one to make the other work). EVEN THE TORONTO FILM SCHOOL HAS MORE EQUIPMENT (but its run by those people who ripped off the trebas students of 2000-2001 [go figure])
3 Stars

Great Education - Comment (On: February 21, 2006)
I went to Trebas in 2001 and I Haven`t stopped working in the industry since i Graduated.TREBAS gave me the tools to suceed in this Biz! No regrets !
5 Stars

Trebas Comment - Comment (On: December 8, 2005)
I went to Trebas and after parting the school I found many great opportunities in my carreer. I think it is a great school!
5 Stars

It`s OK. - Comment (On: June 3, 2005)
Some of the teachers are great but this is no big bang for the buck. Whoever posted the ***** (five star review) below has to work for the corporation.
3 Stars

Giving a good review - Comment (On: May 15, 2005)
5 Stars from me for this company.
5 Stars

Trebas Review - Comment (On: May 12, 2005)
I am a current trebas student in my 3rd semester I found trebas to be a too expensive 1400$for live sound recording I dont fell I have been given that much moneys worth in education. MOST of the teachers know what theyre talking about but I would DEFINETLY shop around at other schools before picking this one. I mean for 1400 we had classes two days a week for in our 2nd semester I mean thats B/S so its got a nice environment but worth 1400 I dont think so.
3 Stars

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