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Sutherland Models

174 Spadina Avenue,
Toronto, Ontario
M5T 2C2

(416) 703-7070
Established in 1985, Sutherland Models is one of the industrys foremost modeling agencies. Owned and staffed entirely by women, Sutherland Models works tirelessly to help nurtu
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Any Jobs - Comment (On: February 28, 2007)
3 Stars

Sutherland Courses, actual value thereof - Comment (On: August 5, 2006)
I work for a well respected agency and must say that if you are taking classes at Sutherlands; you are wasting your time -- period!!! There are a handful of respectable agencies in Toronto. No girl can gain anything from these classes -- period!!! If a girl has it, she will work from day 1. This whole idea of paying your dues is simply bullshit!!! One of our girls joined our agency, and within one month, has already been booked as a campaign model. My advice, do not sign up for these courses. If you can not find representation, than keep looking. DO not allow yourself to be sucked in to these fraudluent courses...
1 Stars

- Comment (On: May 19, 2006)
am 15 and i wanted to go try out sutherland modeling...but am not sure if this is the right one for not experienced but i have everything else...and i`ve been told by alot of people that i should be a model..and right now am just confused on what to do..
3 Stars

no jobs - Comment (On: May 13, 2006)
Model Works gets no attention! We pay tuns of money and then get promotional jobs, which in my opinion is NOT modelling! They dont take us seriously, they only take our money$$!!!
3 Stars

100% proud sutherland model - Comment (On: May 3, 2006)
In regards to all the comments. I have read through them all and I do have a comment to add myself. In reference to the negative comments directed towards Sutherland models and there agents I find them to be quite absurd, unprofessional and very hurtful. I myself find the Sutherland there agents and the people that work for them to be exceptionally curdious, completely kind and respectful in every way to all there models doing whatever possible to make them feel comfortable and am proud to say that I have ONLY good things to say about Sutherland. to say that Sutherland models is a scam is completely Wrong, I myself went through the model work division training And found the training to be very helpful.and do believe that it is strongly advisable to get training before you enter into the industry, simply because if you donít your put out there possibly not knowing what to expect .training is there for a very good reasson, the reason being for you to gain the necessary knowledge and experience. if for some reason your not getting the jobs you audition for you cant complain and put blame on your agent or agency .you cant expect that you will get every audition you go to .it takes patience, a very good personality and professionalism .you could be the most beautiful/handsome woman or man, but if you have a bad personality and act unprofessional manner you cant expect a client to want to work with you. If youíre not getting auditions you go for you must look within yourself and ask "why am I not getting hired? What can I do to improve?" and do whatever possible. In order to succeed in anything you do in life you must work hard and have patience. I absolutely respect Sutherland models for everything they have done for me and love them with all my heart. I myself am exceptionally honored to say that Sutherland models is my agency and that I am a model in the model works division .proud to say that my agent and agency works in a very professional manner, is very respectful, generous and caring. I respect my agent and agency and when ever I am asked "what agency are you with" I smile and always proudly say "Sutherland Models" I find Sutherland models to be very reputable and professional in the way the run there agency and I strongly disagree with any negative comment made towards them there agents or the people that work there. NEVER have I been treated in a unprofessional manner by the agency my agent or anyone who works there, instead everyone has always been very professional ,completely sweet, generous and I have many friends who would say the exact same thing as I have just stated.
5 Stars

sutherland models - Comment (On: May 2, 2006)
what exactly is model work and who are the experienced models weren`t they in model works once upon a time? i just got sighned to sutherland, i liked to know now if they are legit.
3 Stars

Sutherland Models - Comment (On: May 2, 2006)
Sutherland is an established and reputable agency. Anyone who is naive enough to think that just because they want to model, that means they will immediately start getting jobs with big name companies and large paychecks will start rolling in, is simply dreaming. This simply does not happen in the real world. For any one who aspires to be a model to have a hope of getting anywhere in the industry, they need to go through proper training. We are lucky that Sutherland offers both a training course and a modelwork division, for those new graduates who are just starting in the industry to gain experience and exposure before auditioning for the actual Sutherland models division. Graduates from the sutherland models training course are guaranteed representation in modelwork for one year and then are welcome to audition for the agency division if they feel they are ready. It is far too easy for people to complain and badmouth an agency, but perhaps they need to think logically and have a reality check- no one can start at the top in any industry- you have to work your way up there! Perhaps those people who have so much time to post derogatory comments about Sutherland models, should use their time more wisely and build their portfolios and keep gaining necessary and valuable experience if they have a hope of getting anywhere in this very competitive industry. I am personally a Sutherland Model and have nothing but good things to say about the agency. Thank you Sutherland. Keep doing what you are so good at :)
5 Stars

hopes and dreams - Comment (On: January 28, 2006)
I took the course recently and have just joined ModelWorks. So far I`ve been impressed with the people at Sutherlands. I don`t really care if I ever get a booking or join the agency. I`m in it for the experince. I think it`s entirely reasonable for someone aspiring to be a model to pay for a modeling course. Does anyone actually believe they are that good looking and talented that a modelling agency should pay their way? Being an aspiring model is no different than being an aspiring musician. A musician works in lousy club for next to no money until they get their break, if that break ever comes. Same thing for aspiring models. If you have what it takes, or what the market is looking for, I`m sure the agency will call you. Otherwise, try to enjoy the experince. For 99% of us, that`s all it will ever be...
3 Stars

Sutherland Models - Comment (On: January 27, 2006)
First of all they don`t guarantee auditions during training, and they also don`t guarantee work once your in the ModelWork Divsion, it can take up 7 auditions till you get actually get a job. But I agree that the agent is very rude.
4 Stars

AMIS - The Acting and Modelling Information Servic - Comment (On: October 12, 2005)
I`m a girl very interested in modelling (I`m 14 years old..hope it`s not too young), and I found this amazing Hotline which was established to help inform models and actors of their rights. It`s really good and cool - representatives can even call you back if you have a question. Their number is: 416 977 3832
3 Stars

Modelling Classes - Comment (On: October 12, 2005)
Yes, a lot of agencies would want a model to have training (how to walk, present themselves etc), but the fact of the situation is with classes that require payment, this should not be a criteria for representation. Agencies would work with the new model to build potential for free.
3 Stars

training - Comment (On: October 11, 2005)
I know that some/ MOST top models now, have had the past, pay for training.
3 Stars

Classes - Comment (On: October 9, 2005)
Of course that most agencies would want a model to go out there that has a foundation of the industry, however, I don`t think that they should be required to pay for the classes.
3 Stars

dont agree - Comment (On: October 8, 2005)
I do not agree, I am a client located in Toronto and I have been in the business more than a few years and I can tell you that MOST modeling schools are scams...but if they are being taught by Industry models, agents, etc...they are not a scam. A reputable agency is NOT going to take on a model that has no training and knows absolutly nothing about the business....and they certently don`t get paid to train these individuals at home! All I am saying is you have to be careful...and the comments that are being left on here are minute.
3 Stars

sutherlands/model works - Comment (On: September 23, 2005)
i really enjoy it:)
4 Stars

Sutherland RoCkS!! - Comment (On: August 16, 2005)

5 Stars

sutherland - Comment (On: August 14, 2005)

5 Stars

- Comment (On: August 10, 2005)
i knoe that when agency is a scam they make you buy a portfolo. that is a scam.
3 Stars

responding to retard - Comment (On: August 1, 2005)
I stated that i am in the moedlwork division not that i work there. i just have common sense and think that the people that are complaining here are not making a difference. call the model works agent and talk, get soemthing resolved because you are obviously not happy. and i agree taht there are too many people in the division. when i called last i was explained very clearly how it workrd and it now makes sense. if you have not goteen any work , i would be mad too. but you should call, or email or soemthing not just complain on here.
3 Stars

agency - Comment (On: July 31, 2005)
I just think that the modelwork division is way too over packed with models and they need more than one agent doing the job there.
3 Stars

sutherland/modelwork - Comment (On: July 31, 2005)
i can`t complain. sutherlands does not sell dreams there. i told them i wanted to be a runway modeland they told me no. (as I am only 5`4) but they did tell me about the oppertunities in modelwork, and i have been there for 8 months now and if i ever have any questions i call my agent-no problems at all. I think the problem here is no one calls, and lets their agent know you are upset. unless you call in a mature manner-no one will ever know, and these stupid posts are not helping.
5 Stars

sutherland/modelwork - Comment (On: July 31, 2005)
i can`t complain. sutherlands does not sell dreams there. i told them i wanted to be a runway modeland they told me no. (as I am only 5`4) but they did tell me about the oppertunities in modelwork, and i have been there for 8 months now and if i ever have any questions i call my agent-no problems at all. I think the problem here is no one calls, and lets their agent know you are upset. unless you call in a mature manner-no one will ever know, and these stupid posts are not helping.
5 Stars

i like them - Comment (On: July 22, 2005)

5 Stars

- Comment (On: July 22, 2005)
i get work. and i hve been in this division for 2 years, have u tried callinga nd soeaking to the model works agent, shes nice. you will see. chantalle
3 Stars

harsh - Comment (On: July 22, 2005)
i seem to like modelwork so far. we are not top models and we r new, so far so good.
3 Stars

sutherland models inc. - Comment (On: July 17, 2005)
I paid for classes too with sutherland model but unfrotuantely i found out too late that taking classes with an agency shouldn;t be a condition for representation.
3 Stars

Sutherland Models - comment - Comment (On: May 24, 2005)
I also agree that the agency does not pay enough attention to their "New Faces"/Modelwork Division models at all. They only care about the experienced models who bring in the cash!
3 Stars

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