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Kitimat City Company Listing (British Columbia)

Hirsch Creek Golf and Winter Club
2000 Kingfisher,
Kitimat, BC
V8C 1A1
Phone: (250) 632-4242
Listed in: Sports > Curling Rinks directory

Horizon Hot Tub Rentals
1453 Cormorant Avenue,
Kitimat, BC
V8C 1R9
British Columbia
Phone: (250) 632-4191
Listed in: Entertainment > Hot Tubs And Spas directory

Independent Retail Lumber Yards (Irly Bird) Limited
611 Commercial Avenue,
Kitimat, BC
V8C 2J5
(250) 632-3157
Listed in: Construction > Plumbing Fixtures And Supplies New Retail directory

J H W Construction Limited
204 Third Street,
Kitimat, BC
V8C 2B8
(250) 639-9231
Listed in: Agriculture > Topsoil directory

J R Sheetmetal
158 Rainbow Boulevard,
Kitimat, BC
V8C 2K6
(250) 632-5593
Listed in: Health > Health Foods Retail directory

J T Contracting
44 Smith Street,
Kitimat, BC
V8C 2R5
(250) 632-7312
Listed in: Automotive > Trucking directory

J T Global Imports
237 City Centre,
Kitimat, BC
V8C 1T6
(250) 632-5358
Listed in: Entertainment > Gift Shops directory

Jail The
301 City Centre,
Kitimat, BC
V8C 1T6
(250) 632-6460
Listed in: Sports > Sporting Goods Retail directory

Jay Set Factory Fashions
233 City Centre,
Kitimat, BC
V8C 1T6
British Columbia
Phone: (250) 632-3397
Listed in: Fashion > Clothing And Accessories Retail Women directory

Joses Excavating Limited
885 Kuldo Boulevard,
Kitimat, BC
V8C 1W1
Phone: (250) 632-2938
Listed in: Housing > Snow Plowing Service directory

K T Carpet Doctor Limited
653 Columbia Avenue West,
Kitimat, BC
V8C 1V4
(250) 632-6311
Listed in: Construction > Fire Damage Restoration directory

Kentron Construction
306 Haisla Blvd,
Kitimat, BC
V8C 2B6
(250) 639-9141
Listed in: Construction > Paving Contractors directory

Kildala Grocery (1999) Limited
19 Babine Street,
Kitimat, BC
V8C 1X9
(250) 632-2442
Listed in: Recreation > Fishing Bait directory

Kildala Land Development Co Limited
717 Commercial Avenue,
Kitimat, BC
V8C 2H4
Phone: (250) 632-2410
Listed in: Housing > Landscape Contractors And Designers directory

Kildala Nursery School Parents Assn
803 Columbia Avenue East,
Kitimat, BC
V8C 1V7
(250) 632-2155
Listed in: Education > Schools Academic Nursery And Kindergarten directory

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List of companies / organizations on this page: Hirsch Creek Golf and Winter Club, Horizon Hot Tub Rentals, Independent Retail Lumber Yards (Irly Bird) Limited, J H W Construction Limited, J R Sheetmetal, J T Contracting, J T Global Imports, Jail The, Jay Set Factory Fashions, Joses Excavating Limited, K T Carpet Doctor Limited, Kentron Construction, Kildala Grocery (1999) Limited, Kildala Land Development Co Limited, Kildala Nursery School Parents Assn,

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